The CU-Ota Tech Innovation Challenge Competition

For Tertiary Institutions

The CU-Ota Tech Innovation Challenge Competition is targeted at tech savvy and idea driven student teams from Nigeria’s higher institutions of learning.

The task for this year is to conceptualize a tech-enabled product or service which provides a solution to a need area in any sector of the Nigerian economy using any or a mix of the following Industry 4.0 technologies – Ai, VR, AR, IoT, Data Science, Big Data, and/or Blockchain. The solution must be delivered either as a pitch deck for a startup or a working prototype.

Entries will be accepted only from student teams. Each student team must be made up of no fewer than 3 students because the challenge is meant to foster the spirit of collaboration and team work that is a hallmark of the Covenant University and Ota Community partnership that birthed the CU-Ota Tech Expo.

Entries will be prequalified and the most outstanding 3 will be selected and contacted to pitch their idea before a panel of judges during the CU-Ota Tech Expo. The winning team will go home with  an opportunity for mentoring with Hebron Startup Labs and profiling for funding with other partner organizations. The runner-up will get a cash price of 

You can pre-register your team using the link below.

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